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First Android App on Google Play

After finishing my Developing Android Apps tuturial, I decided that it was time to try and publish an app on Google Play. Thus, I thought a good starting point would be to use an open source project to get started, so I went ahead and created a Telegram app so that pregnant women can exchange messages with one another.

The result I called Gravidez App and it is now published on Google Play.

First Android App in Google Play

It was a very enriching first experience, and now it’s time to build and publish my own app from scratch.

First Android App

Since I’ve built my first android game back in St. Andrews that I’ve been dying to get back to mobile development at full throttle. The time has come, and now I’m dedicating myself full-time to learn mobile development.

Here is the screenshot of my first app, which was built following the Developing Android Apps tuturial by udacity:

First Android App

The tutorial consisted on 6 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine with a Simple UI (5-8 hrs)
  • Lesson 2: Connect Sunshine to the Cloud (8-10 hrs)
  • Lesson 3: Create New Activities and Navigate Apps with Intents (8-10 hrs)
  • Lessons 4: Use Content Providers and Loaders to Persist and Recover Data (15-20 hrs)
  • Lesson 5: Implement Rich and Responsive Layouts (8-10 hrs)
  • Lesson 6: Use Services and Notifications to Run in the Background (5-8 hrs)

Apart from lessons 4, the tutorial was easy to follow and the explanations were clear.

Now it’s time to consolidate my knowledge and build my own first app.

Project Euler — Problem 58

Spiral primes is a problem in which one must find the side length of the square spiral for which the ratio of primes along both diagonals first falls below 10%.

Ulam spiral

The full solution can be found here.